"Our sage advice: Get stoned and read Get Stoned and Read This Book".
High Times

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Get stoned and read this book = GOOD TIMES!!!!!

  • I bought your book while picking out clothes today in austin, good job man, I came to the same conclusions on drugs and life too over the last year, only took me from age 13-20 to do it, hey, that just happened to be my teenage life, good thing I didn't get caught for the bad shit, good luck man

  • man, I feel so good today, I really hope y'all do too! (dallas)

  • Hey, this is Tom from H.O.P.E. at URI. I just wanted to say thanks for coming to our festival, and being part of it being a success. Also, thank you for the free books. I enjoyed reading it.

  • I got the book. Thank you, it's great! I can see why it's moving off the shelves. I get stoned infrequently these days but I can still appreciate the subject. I like the images and I think the overall production (design, scans, printing, etc) is a pro job. Nice work

  • my name is darryl and i am trying to put together a foosball league. My roommates and i are starting something up. what the hell!! well, i came across your book at urban outfitters and i purchased it. i think it is great. i saw the picture of the foosball table and i got really excited. i am curious to know if it would be possible to use the picture for my background on the front page of my website.

  • Hello. I would like to request a review copy of GET STONED for the Yale Record, America's oldest college humor magazine.

  • Why do you smoke pot?

  • nice website... coming along very well :)

  • I would like to say your book was inspiration to me. It made me want to publish a book with a similar topic. I think I have a great idea and I have already completed most of the work and would really appreciate your guidance and maybe help getting my book out there.

  • hey there. i'm thinking of including Get Stoned in an upcoming playboy.com feature story on essentials for your dorm room. can you send along a copy?

  • I'm from Australia and wanted to write to let you know how much I loved your book. My best friend was in New York recently and found it in a fabulous book store. She brought it home and we got stoned and read it, just as you recommended. I must say, it was an inspiration to both my friend and I to see someone's stoned ideas and concepts come to life.....well done.

  • I would be interested in selling your book on my website. It is a college targeted site and I think your book would be perfect.

  • My fiance got me a copy of your book for my birthday, and I have to tell you that I love it. The pictures are great, and the stories and commentary just make me laugh. I have to hide the book everytime my friends come over, becuase I want to surprise them all with copies.

  • Thank you for writing this book. It's hard to meet people who you can connect on some level with, but when i meet people like you-- guys whose minds work in this amazing way, it gives me more hope for myself...More hope that there are people at that level with me.

  • hey gordon, this is luke, the book editor at the weekly dig. i'd like to check out your book for a possible review.

  • I smoked last night and I read the book as normal...but I love it so I could read it over and over. I hope the next book is just as good.

  • I just wanted to commend all those fabulous people out there who made this book possible. We bought it in LA and boy were our friends in simple 'ol Michigan jealous of our new toy. Every time I pick it up, I read or see something else. One hell of a conversation piece!

  • thanks for the books it's real cool love jill

  • hey gordon!
    just wanted to let you know that my friends and i got stoned (as usual) this weekend and read your book-WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job--write some more-we'd love to read another one!!!

  • I'm an artist living in Dallas, Texas. I'm nineteen years old, and I go to Southern Methodist University. I'm writing to you because I really loved your book. I've really wanted to do more with my art, and your book has been an inspiration of sorts for me to actually make something happen.

  • I saw the book at Urban Outfitter's in New Haven and bought it. I love what you've done and am intrigued.

  • i bought your book as a gift, and think it is a superb idea...well done!

  • Fantastic book, Gordon. When deep in the sweet embrace of Mary Jane, your words and images blow my mind and take my emotions on trips to destinations that are descriptively vague yet at the same time so clear and poignant that I stand amazed. Keep up the good work.

  • Though completly 'inside'joke' - ish I found myself connecting with Gordon G. Gourd, Mr. Clancy, Mr. Winter, The Admiral, Coco-Bean, (& the rest.)

    Kudos and Congratulations to the Photographer(s) that contributed to your book. Well done if not Note-Worthy...

    Poetry, though off color and abstract, finally appealed to the artist in me and I can now admit that the last poem was my favorite.

  • First and foremost, your book is fabulous...but you already know that. I'm writing to ask your advice about self-publishing and any pearls of wisdom you could extend to me.

  • Just wanted to write and say that I loved your book.

  • I'm an amateur photographer, and I appreciated the creativity and effort which went into the production of Get Stoned and Read This Book. Also, I liked the line about "How do we explain this our parents" I have always wondered that about people who publish drug related material, singers, songwriters, authors, whatever, and it was cool to see someone at least bring that question up in their work.

    Just had to say thanks for the effort, and keep it coming.

  • my name's Lucy and for me, marijuana is not a drug, it's a lifestyle. your book has done more for me than you can possibly imagine. all the stories- especially the one about the bottlecaps, have put sort of a perspective on life for me.

    thank you. you two are truly artists. your book, is simply artwork. and only our society of smokers can truly acknowledge your talent.

  • i have a mental connection to you and your book. it's weird, but wonderful.

  • today is my brothers b-day and he got the book from a friend. the page with the graves and stuff was so trippy bc the most prominent name is RYAN and that is his name. The book is awesome and filled with great random ass pics.

  • My friend JR came over and handed me your book. Instantly, I was laughing. I read the entire book from front to back, and was inspired. Your talent for writing and photography was able to capture moments that I have never been able to express. It's about time the talented stoners of the world speak out against the stereotype that has ever so tainted any hope of marijuana acceptance. Well, the main reason I wanted to write was because I wanted to tell you how moved I was after seeing your book. This book could have easily been written by someone like me, that is why I found it to be so fascinating. From binges to conversations with my stereo to just simply missing my friends, every page of your book seemed to represent a part I just think that your talent is like no other. From one artist to another, I just want to tell you how inspiring it is to know that there are stoners out there who have sense, brains, talent, charisma, and intelligence.
    a bud in chicago

  • your book rocks a got fucked up read it and now it is my favorite book i give a copy of it to all my friends for the birthday

  • The book is completely over the top. I love it. Saying thanks to an artist like you just does really convey my feelings about the book. I have looked at a couple of times and there is always something new which means it is going to be an on going process to get the nuances of your work.

  • Landed in Auckland then Brisbane after 19 daze in USA. got bent at local park (trees, birds singing etc). Was eating 'fruit and nut wheaties' (breakfast cereal) and milk, back home, wondering that they were taking a long time to eat, and that I seemed to be ending up with a bowl of just milk. realised I was using a fork. thought I should write this down to illustrate the enlightening powers of the herb. thought of you guys and your book. got another fork out drawer, laughed, swapped it for a spoon, ate up and lived happily ever after.

  • Just wanted to say, from one pothead to another, that i really enjoyed your book. My college roomate got it for me for xmas as a kinda joke about my habit, but I think the photography alone is entertaining enough, you are very talented! Just wanted to give a little praise....

  • I bought your book at Urban Outfitters while visiting the L.A. area and I absolutely love it! While enjoying your book with my boyfriend one evening - he had mentioned the desire to sell your book at his bar.

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • all i gotta say is hella tight book yo, props to you from down south

  • My friend Deb bought me the book for Christmas, and we/I laugh my ass every time we read it. Every time we get stoned and look at it we find something we didn't see the first 100 times we looked at it! It's awesome!

    Puff- puff- pass!

  • To the brains behind the book...
    I have been smoking pot for years now, and I love reading when I'm good and stoned. You guys have finally given me something that every time I get high I can open up and enjoy time and time again.

  • I have read the book and I have seen the website,it's all so good man.You guys are the best,all the people should be like you and me

  • thank you so much for having the balls to publish this book. potheads are not socially accepted in today's world. 'get stoned and read this book' explains to those who are doja virgins that smoking really isn't that bad. i'm glad to see that someone else has similar 'stoner thoughts.' do continue your quest of creativity!

  • I saw your book at the third st. promanade in Santa Monica ....
    It was a great message at the perfect time...
    Anyway, enjoy your work, website, and attitude...

  • How the fuck is "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" not included in your top ten list of movies? It IS the greatest drug movie ever!! Oh yeah good book too.

  • well i just got stoned and read the book. very entertaining. "Real life" stoners that i related to a little too often. Thanks for the laughs and jarring loose some old resinated memories.

  • I am a student at James Madison university and I embarked on a road trip to visit my great friend and hometown smoking buddy, who goes to Boston University. in his friends room I discovered your book. the title prompted us to test your book out. it was awesome and brilliant. then something that caught my friends eye. it was the page with the "vague place to smoke" on it. we then realized that it was only a few stops on the T away from his Hall. I must admit that it was a great spot and next time I read your book I am sure that bells and whistles will go off in my head.

  • some girl from monacco is staying with me for the next seven days who i dont even know, but she picked up your book today at Urban Outfitters and high-tailed it with all her kind bud to some club down in the village and left my ass to go to work. But, when I got back i read the book and loved it, especially when I knew where the pictures were taken, or have seen things such as you have seen.

  • In this impersonal world of empty communications, I send you this: real emotion. I'm smoking right now and must thank you for the inspiration to create. Well... you and the green, that is. Anyhow, your book is magnificent and my subtle way of suggesting creative dialog as an atypical "coffee table book." I discovered your book this way... I received a Christmas gift from my sister. It was a Blood Thirsty Psycho Shark pull-toy. This rediculous plaything came from a store named Urban Outfitters. So, I see the website for this Psycho Shark thing on the back of the box... www.urbanoutfitters.com. Enough, I find a trippy happy bright store online. How cool, I think. I clicked on all kinds of things and discovered a books section. Hit that and there you were... No link there, so I searched for you on Amazon.Com. There you were again! Maybe they have his URL? Cool. And that's how I found your site and noticed you had a feedback e-mail address. Pretty cool, huh? I mean, here you are reading a message from some guy in Little Rock, Arkansas. So, thanks for a cool ride and a little trip through this thing.

  • My name is Bridgid. I'm an avid pot smoker and I think your book is awesome! My favorite part is the "bat poem" (i DON'T REMEMBER WHAT the title was,..... pot does that, you know?) I called my friend up in Boston and sent her out to find "the bat bench." Anyways, you're book is a fabulous work of American literature and we (my friends and I) enjoy reading it every time we're high. We sign it for every time we think we're the "highest" (but that's like everytime!) My friends and I go to Art school in Philladelphia,...sooo if you're ever in the Philly area stop by and we'll roll a joint! See ya!

  • i just picked up the book last weekend and ( having reread it twice since then) must tell you it's a great book though i'm like your boss and call it reefer and i want to take this time to say sorry about your loss, i can empathize with you, i too sometimes still think of my bud J.R. Mcdonald who i lost in '78 he died while partying with some friends by hitting his head on a rock, he was a great friend and introduced me to nifty things like monty python and shotgunning. but have a great stoney day man and write another.

  • Howdy. I'm a freshman at FIT in NYC; from Northern VA. Just bought your book for someone as a gift, read it, loved it. I too love photography and thoughts, often mind bending.

  • It's cool to see that someone has had a similar relationship with their dugout. In 1985 my friend Skram gave me a dugout, and it's been with me ever since (had to replace the pipe twice.) It was my senior year in high school, and that along with a cardboard tube stuffed with fabric softener sheets (to exhale in) allowed me to get high wherever, whenever for the past 16 years. I have tons of stories that go along with the "binger" as we call it (from PCU, a "binger" to brighten your day). I've smoked mine 4 of the top ten places you have. Add the Eiffle Tower. My binger has even been in the hands of Richard Jewell (Olympic Park Bombing suspect) when he busted me back in 94, but I was able to relieve him of it before I left, without him knowing (I've had it for 9 years at the time, and wasn't about to lose it). First page I turned to in your book was the pictures of you making sure the coast was clear for the bat hit on the park bench. I didn't know the book was an homage to the bat, but knew immediately by the pictures what you were doing. I laughed my ass off. Anyway, great book!

  • Hello, I just thought I would say a few words complimenting on the book. Its very touching and very true. I spend about 90% of my day getting high of the best I can get my hands on. When I read the book I thought it was going to be a joke so I flipped through the pages..then I saw the picture of the graveyard and the words "sometimes I just miss my friend" and my heart dropped. I lost my bestfriend back in 94' and it stunned me. After seeing that, I read the whole book and it was great. Thank you for writing one of the best books I've ever read. =0)

  • great book.... i got it as a christmas present from my good friend hannah, and despite the other things i recieved..... it was the best gift of the year.... i always page through it and must have read it about 100 or so times over. Actually, my mom even thought it was genius. Well, thanks for the awesome book from a fellow avid photographer/ writer/ stoner.

  • Hi Gordon, Have a look at our website: www.getstoned.cc
    We have some similarities.

  • hey, great to read yourstuff at your website, made me give up some of my notions as a new potsmoker, that all potheads were stupid and good for nothing, does that make sense?? if not get stoned and read this email,.. hehe sorry i couldnt resist, no thanks for real it means alot for me the guy who had never smoked pot before, now in his twenties trying to make sense of the things that are happening with me and the world and knowing that marijuana helps and kicks ass!

  • I got your book as a birthday present and read it when I was relly high with my roommate and it was awesome. When we got to the picture with the flowers no it we could actually smell the flowers because we wre so into the book. We think that the 2 of you remind us of older male versions of ourselves. You guys are the best!

  • hey hows it goin! Man my girlfriend gave me that book as a gift. And i got really stoned and read that book and that book kicks ass Man! Cause i like trippy shit and just the idea of a bunch of potheads going around taking sweet pictures, that some dont even make any fucking sence is some funny ass shit. So i was just leting you know that i thought that book and the way that you guys live is awsome.

    And it was a great gift.


  • A coffee table book to be proud of!

    Maximum Respect---

  • point is this...
    the book is like talking to my friends, and that brings hope for I fancied that there were few of us out there

    Papa p. Papaya

  • A quick note to say JOB WELL DONE! I was Christmas shopping today and happened to walk into Urban Outfitters where I saw your book on display. I looked over a few of the pages and literally laughed out loud. I purchased three of them. What a great idea for gifts! Most of my friends are pros like yourself and I knew that they could relate and find many laughs.

    So I thank you for the great gift that I am able to give this year (I have to go back and get one for my self now!) and for your creative and comedic book.

    Happy Holidays!


  • Gotta say, the new site looks GREAT. I especially love the gallery - I'm putting "The Admiral" on my desktop for a spell. The music page is an excellent idea too...makes for a nice little soundtrack as I'm checking out the site. And I'm looking forward to the Top 10's, links, and a more active message board. I think the board will be a cool place to build a little community of stoners' whimsy and wisdom, a place to post those random thoughts and observations gleaned with a little help from our leafy pal.

  • best fuckin christmas present i've ever gotten!

  • Hi! I'm a retailer in Manhattan - midtown - interested in trying out your book - say, a dozen books. Is this doable? Please let me know. The name of our business is Delphinium, Ltd. Thanks.

    Happy New Year.

  • i am glad that ya'll guys did this book.
    i am sure that many people have tried or wanted to make a book similar to this one but they never succeeded.
    ya'll did a great job creating and writing for this book and i think you should keep up the good work and make another. Do people ever send you their own pics?
    If so u should use some of their stuff as well as your own. well i hope that all goes well and that you continue to have great luck with this and future projects. i got your book for my birthday from my good friend.
    it was the best present i recived.
    I will talk to you later

    peace and bud

  • Hi Gordon:
    I'm a contributing editor to the L.A. Weekly, editor of the literary annual Saturday Afternoon Journal, and also a regular contributor to Penthouse, High Times, Rolling Stone, SIC and other publications where I concentrate mainly on cannabis-related issues. I wrote the afterword to the reprint of Larry "Ratso" Sloman's seminal history "Reefer Madness" (St. Martin's Press).
    I read about "Get Stoned And Read This Book" in the March issue of High Times (I have a record review on page 50 of the same issue). Could I get a review copy of the book? It sounds delightful and I'll see where I can place a review.

    Thank you

  • Great book! We devoured it at my bar in Portland one night when I was working. Great photos too.

  • After watching porn at Colleen's house, we got stoned and read your book and think it's great. We think that we have some sort of mental connection or we were soul mates in a past life. Today we had a conversation about déjà vu and dreams, and then we read your book and it was the same conversation as in the book. It was like we were reliving the moment. We think it's the stoner bible and now reefer to it as simply "the book". There is only one flaw in the book...some of the fonts are too small to read when you are really stoned. Other than that. Perfection.You have inspired us to make a book of our own just as random. Don't think we're stalkers or anything, we just appreciate great literature. Don't you think that this e-mail has a bit of rustic charm? Semi-charm, the margerine of charm, the diet coke of charm, it has quasi charm.

    The Gordon G. Gourd groupies

  • Gordon -

    my husband Andy gave me a copy of your book last night...


    Thank you.

  • I just got your book for my birthday last week and have not stopped going through it. It was the hit of the birthday party among all my friends--stoners and straights alike.

    Do a sequel--the book is greatness!

    An Admiring Reader

  • Hello, I'm just writting on behalf of my friends and myself to say how very impressed we are. We are a bunch of university students in Ottawa, Canada who can appreciate your talents and pasttimes. Your photographs are just amazing. We pass our favourite hours of the day by having "cultural days" and taking photographs while tripping in our nation's capital (smoking the occasional joint outside the parliament buildings). My friend Alison and I have been putting together a cool scrapbook filled with her photos, my art, and a bunch of poems and stories and what not whenever we choose to steer away from a path of sobriety. When our friend came running down with your book one night, we did what the title told us to do and we loved it! It is great to see that people can be successful by doing what they love best. We can tell that you guys love what ya do, and have encouraged us to continue working on our projects, and maybe one day it'll all pay off.

    Keep up the good work, you make us "pot heads" look brilliant.

  • Hi, my name is Todd and I got your book for my birthday. I get tons of marijuana related gifts every year on April 20th (420) , what a great day to be born!!!!!!! I am a photographer in Los Angeles and must say I really enjoyed the photos in the book. I also really enjoyed the stories. The bat bench how cool is that. I would love for you guys to check out my website at toddtodd.com.

    If you guys are ever in L.A. hollar at me and let's smoke!!!

    your new smoking buddy

  • I love the whole idea behind "get stoned and read this book" I would say I love the book because it sounds like I would but I have not yet read it

    just a thought if I sent you guys some tribute to pot poetry or such in other words do you except other contributors beside your selves to future get stoned and read this books

    just a thought every one wants to get in on a good thing and by stoners for stoners well stoned is a good idea

    wishing I had weed right now


  • Gordon, Loved the book. Was wondering if it is possible to get some big lithographs of some of the pics. Hey, if I'm will to buy it, somebody else must be as well. -Madjack

  • great book Gordo...read it at Urban Outfitters on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA! Needless to say I was high.....If you ever want to work on a project together, I am a photographer on Venice Beach capturing the homeless. CA is a cool place to chill out...let me know.

    Peace, David

  • You're probably thinking,

    "Yeah...yeah...another friggin' email to read".

    Well, sorry to burst your bubble...but we aren't going to write you the average fan letter. We gotta story to tell. And the lucky recipient is you. We'll try and keep this as concise as possible, but we don't know if that will be possible due to the massive herbal ingestion we recently experienced.

    "And that's all I have to say about that."
    - F. Gump

  • We are both consumers of smoke. We are both artists. We are both gourd artists, for 5 and 8 years respectively, for a combined 13 years gourdacious experience. And we don't make no fucking Santa's, birdhouses or punkin' gourds!
    I guess we must have figured out how to do art for the muckety mucks.
    They buy it. We spend the money on other stuff.

    One of the things I (jolee) recently bought with my gourd money (while in Seattle visiting my yuppie sister) was a copy of your book. I bought it for Lana as a surprise gift because while we work on gourds, we often need to supplement our creative diets with greens.

    We got back to our beloved Kentucky (a very green state) and we both read the book...but mostly looked at the pictures because reading was too hard to do.
    You know what I mean.

    I guess we think it's all pretty cosmic.

    Hey...guess what? This email won't be too long after all. We can't think anymore or any less.

    Ciao' baby,

    Jolee and Lana

  • hey gordon my names tom and i thought id just say hey and congratulations on your book. it kept me entertained last night , see write now im pretty sick so all i do is stay home and take wacks hopefully my herbal friend mary jane will cure me in time for the weekend well i hear my pipe calling me so i must part talk to you later and have a good high

  • i live in austin. a city of music, art and mucho gange. i have been keeping an art/ writing/ random poetry book ever since i started reading. (among my friends, reading is smoking, the librarian is the dealer, Kevin Brown is KB, a good book, a bad book, you get the picture. it's a great way to talk about smoking in public, no one knows.) so this book my friends and i have we carry around everywhere and the day i discovered you book, my dearest amiga beth and i were working on Our book.

    i was walking around the book store to get some post cards to paste in the book and of course i became sidetracked and wandered to the art books and there, sitting tall i found your book. i started to laugh so hard i had to sit down.

    everyone was looking at me so i grabbed your book and went back to beth and showed her. we both though it was amazing. i think everyone should keep a book. and everyone should READ!!

    it's just funny, we keep books, we read books, we love books. it makes us seem so educated and together when people hear us. but we're really just talking about smoking gange.

    well, good luck and maybe you shall reply.
    -shana from Austin Texas
    come and visit us.

  • Hi, I read your book and liked it a lot. I also wrote and self published a book called "Girls Are Weird." I think you would like it (wrote parts while stoned) Visit my website: www.poodlette.com. It is a collection of funny, offbeat vignettes. Let me know what you think. Would like to talk about self publishing, if you are interested. I got my book into Barnes and Noble, and various bookstores and boutiques throughout NYC. Was curious how you got the word out about yours.

    Hope to hear back from you.

  • love the book! I recently brought it to spring break and it was a huge hit. A bunch of kids getting stoned and reading the book--imagine that. Some people even called it life changing. (a little to stoned if you ask me). Anyway, much thanks for such a great book. Keep creating such brilliant work.


  • Dear Mr Gordon

    I just got the chance to look at your book today, and i think its excellent! I can really relate to it. you have a great deal of creativity. hope to see some more shit.
    till then keep it blazin

    déjà vu

  • It was good seeing you the other evening.
    Thank you for the hospitality.
    I didn't really have a chance to talk to much about your book.
    I didn't feel like it was a forum for a serious discussion about your work, but I hope we have a chance to sit down and discuss it a length.

    Your photos were incredible. You need to know that.
    The book is a great fucking idea. You both should be very proud.
    I haven't been around much over the last year, and I'm sure you've heard it a lot, but you're very talented.
    You should do this with your life.
    I wish you the best of luck on the project and I will do some investigating for you.

    As always, you have an open invitation in the city.
    If you need to come in for any reason, call.
    Miles of Smiles,

  • So my buddy bought your book for a friend of his for Xmas and we flipped through it and were like "HEY I LIVE RIGHT THERE!" So of course we scoured the pictures for signs of Beantown. The book is very cool. Viva la' 1st Amendment!


  • Are you still smokin' that tweed?

  • Thanks for coming to our festival!! I hear your book was a BIG hit!! Anyway, thank you for the free books! Hopefully we can keep in touch and next year you can come and vend again!! Thanks.


  • Dude. I just wanted to say I love the book very very much. A few weeks ago it jumped out at me (literally) at my store that I work at Tower Records (in case you were wondering but you probably weren't) I flipped through it and said hay this looked kind of interesting so today I decided to get it for my boyfriends birthday so we could get stoned and read it. Well of course I had to test it so I got stoned and read it. Well I just wanted to say its a wonderful book full of all sorts of wonderful art.. Hell you don't even have to be stoned to read it. Bravo 2 thumbs up 10 stars excellent so ~smoken up~


  • I got the book. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It looks so good,...so good. I could not believe the Whack Bench one, how classic is that. I bet every burner in the world has a spot like that. I love the contrast of uniqueness with universality in that book.... everything is so specific but you can bet that everyone might have a LU-LU in their life. I am so proud of you. I love the one shot of him where he looks like Trent Reznor. Spook..."LOVE ME, FEAR ME". that looked really cool. The bong in the window, that speaks for itself.

  • I still have not had a great chance to dig into the book, but I plan to get really baked this weekend and see what the hell is going on between those two covers. I am so excited I feel like I can write about this until the night.

  • My dad saw the book. Holy shit! what did he say? How did he look? Maybe he has a bong and we just don't know about it. How funny would that be. My dad and your mom buying a three foot glass. Now that is the day.

  • Fantastic book!!! Let me know if you need anything or any help going forward. I like the clever, yet subtle title! Thanks for my copy - Onecomplaint though - "Mr. Doobie's in my pocket" was left out (just joking but that was a funny memory from Lothian).

  • Congratulations!!

  • down the road when you guys are millionaires, why not consider making a limited edition special printed on 100% hemp paper? great for the holidays or if you run out of rolling paper!

  • I actually saw a copy of a friends book before purchasing. I immediately needed a copy of my own. Much luck to you and the success of your endeavors.

    Just got the book. Unbelievable! Quite a few people here at work already ordered it. The book should do great. I'll keep passing along the word.


  • soooo what's up dude?! call me jimmy, I'm from brazil.. my real name is jayme but people here callme jimmy.. jayme sounds too gay, its girl name ... anyway.. yeah.. i've been reading the book... and i think you guys would really like to visit brazil one day, brazil, has the same system that the u.s government adopted for treatment of people who have AIDS or cancer, or in other words, they also give weed there for people with cancer or AIDS, BUT, in brazil.. they have a kind of " medical store " where you can go, and WITHOUT a prescription you can get weed, haha hella cool ahn? like.. all you have to show them is an ID proving you are a brazilian citzen and as you pay all the taxes, as a citzen you have the right of own weed, and they give you.. haha bah, anyway, back too the book, I've just received it, its hella cool, by the way, I showed to some friends in my high school, they all loved it, some of them told me they gonna order.. hehe and it made me the most popular guy haha with all the pot smokers.. hahaha bah.. but.. thats all pal.. c'ya! dont get too high...

    thank you so much. its quite a piece.

    I told you I'd write :-)

  • Fortunately or unfortunately, my website and e-mail are down today so I had time to write the review. I won't be able to post it for a while (hopefully just one more hour). Sorry if I made no sense the other day- I had some shrooms in my system.

    Anyways, here goes. I hope you like it:

    Get Stoned and Read this Book

    No, that isn't my review- it's the name of a book. Get Stoned and Read This Book by nom de plume Gordon G. Gourd is self-described as "the coffee table book for stoners. A compilations of images and stories conceived and executed while under the influence of marijuana- lots of marijuana."

    If the notion of "art" doesn't scare you, then you will love this book!

    The book is 72 pages of high-end glossy stock and the quality leaves nothing to be desired. If I told you that the book was primarily made up of images, I'd bet you would expect to see lots of photos of buds, bongs, and blunts. Not so! While there are some great shots of things 420- including the first photograph of a brass hookah, this book deals more with the non-sober experiences of the author and those around him.

    This is a book that you can't put down until you've read every page. If you try to stop in the middle, you'll keep wondering what's on the other pages until you grab the book and finish it. But for all of the stoners who can't read anything over two sentences and blame it on ADD, don't worry- there aren't a lot of words. Most pages have few, if any, words.

    Like I said, this is art, so I can't really review this book. Art is very personal. While I think this is an incredible book and a must-have, some people may not agree. I thought the dung-laden painting of the virgin Mary was great while plenty of people thought otherwise. My suggestion is to view some of the sample pages on the book's website.

    There's no preaching in Get Stoned and Read This Book. It's not advocating marijuana use- it's not condemning it. It's pure. It shows that people who smoke pot are normal people and that they can have normal jobs and do great things.

    My only problem with the book is that people can't put it down. If you invite your friend over and show him or her the book, be prepared to be ignored for a while. While marijuana isn't addictive, Get Stoned and Read This Book is.

    Toke it easy,

  • Hello,
    I have seen your book and think it is great. You had given my friend a copy at URIs hemp-fest(what a wonderful thing). I am going to buy 2 copies I love it so much. Ever since I started enjoying the beautiful bud, I have often wanted to write down the events that occur on those crazy evenings but often find myself to lazy or I just simply forget. I am glad someone had the sense to finaly put their stories in a book. All I can say is that its great. Good job guys.


  • Awesome!!

    Thanks so much.


  • Get mashup bwoyeez!
    Take dat weed and smoke muh a phat one beeAr!

  • Thank you for such a great book!
    When can I expect the next one?

    Stoner forever!

  • Hello, i'm very intruiged by this book that you have put out and i would love to order it. Unfortunately i am having problems with the process so if you could email me with perhaps an alternative way of purchasing it, it would be greatly appreciated.
    a fellow stoner-

  • We finally received your book. We like it, and are interested in carrying it on our web site.


  • i just got the book as a bday gift, and i love it. honestly, when i first got it, it wasnt funny. but as soon as i went home and got stoned, i read it. it was great. thanks for making my smokign experiences ever so much more meaningful. really. u guys are geniuses.

    sincerely ur fellow toker,

  • Gordon,
    a sober friend brought your book home to me in Belfast Ireland from San Fran and I was amazed. You strike such a mood with each picture or prose that it all feels very familiar to me.

    I seem to be in a similar situation to yourself, doing the 9-5 but still well and truely switching off in the evenings and weekends. Im amazed at how Ive heard the same words and phrases and been in similar situations thousands of miles away over the Atlantic. I hope this doesnt cheapen the experience for you.

    I like the opening disclaimer, no need to ram it down peoples throats. If you smoke you smoke, you dont you dont. The fact that dope is involved seems almost secondary to the aim of the book. To me it just chronicals the ups and downs of this kind of lifestyle, in a beautifully astute and poetic way.

    I just wanted to say hi and thanks. Its always nice to find likeminded people. Then again I may be talking out my ass, if so I apologise.

    Keep it up, expand the website, theres bound to be more out there.

    -David N

  • i just bought ur book as a gift for one of my friends its o cute we get a kick out of it even when we're not high. its such a good idea
    keep creating

  • Dig your book. Dig the Star Wars content. Dig the pics. Dig that bong at the beginning. Don't dig the price. How much did you intend this thing to cost? I shelled out $30 for the damn thing. Dig it though.

    Wow such a quick reply! Impressive. Most impressive. So yeah, anyway I bought the book at Urban Outfitters on Yonge St here in Toronto Canada. Don't get me wrong $30 was steep, but I'd pay it again.

    Gonna go home and hit the bong and read it again. Bake on.


  • hey
    i bought the book in Urban Outfitters in the village, NY i look at it everyday and get a major kick out of it!!!!!!!1

  • I'm a drinker myself. This book appeals to all. Everyone who has seen this book on my coffee table has commented on the incredible photography and the intelligent writing. It is extreme entertainment. I recommend this book to everyone.

  • GET STONED AND READ THIS BOOK is a creative abyss of images and ideas that lends itself to all types of readers. Anyone who loves intense, diverse images, beside introspective prose that blend beautifully with the photography will love this book. Originality at its best.

  • I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when I received this book. Both the photography and the writing was excellent. This book decorates my coffee table and has been picked up by every person that enters my home. The title alone is a magnet. It's not only a great conversation piece but a nice distraction from the rigors of work and life. In fact, I distinctly remember laughing out loud when I came to the "boo" page.

  • Great book.
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