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High Times

"This Round Is On The Admiral" from Get Stoned and Read This Book

It was January last year, and my close group of drunkard friends and I were on our annual pilgrimage of excess in upstate New York. This was a special trip, however, because it was the first time that The Admiral had joined us. Our favorite place to booze up there is a bar in the middle of nowhere called The Heartbreak Hotel. Although it is a "locals only" atmosphere, our excessive spending habits while in the midst of a serious binge make us well liked rather than merely tolerated. The bartender welcomed our boisterous arrival.

After about ten rounds of Killer Kool-Aid shot, The Admiral decided that it was time to step up the pace. He normally frowns at such behavior, but even he realized that it is necessity to completely lose one's mind on these trips. He jumped up on the bar and made a gesture to me. I said to the bartender, "This round is on The Admiral." The bartender looked at me and then The Admiral. Realizing that she was in the presence of royalty, she smiled at him and said, "The rest of your drinks are on the house!"
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