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High Times

"FIVE YEARS AGO" from Get Stoned and Read This Book

CC: Another bong hit?

TW: Oh yeah.
(Bong hits.)

TW: Dude, check this out.

CC: What is it?

TW: Just some shit I've been working on.

CC: What's it about?

TW: Nothing specific. Whacked shit. I write it down sometimes so I remember it.
(Pause. Read.)

CC: What the fuck does this mean?
(Pause. Read.)

TW: I have no idea.

CC: Dude, that's fucked up! (Laughs).

TW: (Laughs) I know, dude.

CC: Round a doubles for that shit?

TW: Round a triples for that shit.

CC: Round a triples? That's a bold statement.
(Bong hits. Three apiece. Zoning out.)

CC: This looks like it says 'deja vu'.

TW: Oh shit. I know what that one means. Do you ever get deja vu?

CC: Yeah.

TW: Dude, I get crazy deja vu. Like, sometimes I remember dreaming about something and then it happens exactly like I dreamt it. I mean, I can remember thinking, "That was a weird thing to dream." And then it happens. It's fucked up.

CC: That is fucked up.

TW: Alright, ready for this? Let's say for argument's sake that I actually am remembering a dream when I have deja vu. That means that at the point when I dreamt it, I was seeing the future.

CC: What?

TW: Okay. I think when I have deja vu I'm remembering a dream. That's my definintion of deja vu-- that's what it feels like for me. So at the original point in time when I'm dreaming it, I was seeing the future, which is now my deja vu. You see what I'm saying?

CC: Yeah, dude. Totally. (Pause) Shit, man, I am fucked up.

TW: Me, too. (Pause) Shit.
(Pause. More zoning.)

CC: (Looking at the scribbles) Dude, I gotta show you some of my photographs.
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