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High Times

"the origin of gordon g. gourd" from Get Stoned and Read This Book

it was the summer of 1995. mr. clancy and i had been hanging out hardcore for over a year. we'd get a little fucked up every now and again. i picked up a little habit of telling him just how fucked up i was:

"clancy, i'm out of my gourd."

he'd reply, "no, you ARE a gourd."

soon after, he started calling me gordon, and i made him in turn call me by my full, proper name,

gordon g. gourd (the g stands for gordo).

now i call him at work, "tell him it's gordon." he calls me, says the same thing. great fun. gordon g. gourd. we love it.

then his mother gives him this gourd the following christmas. a gourd? for christmas?

"all your sweet dreams collected inside"?

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