"Our sage advice: Get stoned and read Get Stoned and Read This Book".
High Times

Welcome to get-stoned.com's Library page.

Some writings from the book and other musings from the haze. Realizing I am WAY too fixated on baseball….

Look for additions and updates, and please email us with all comments, questions, and suggestions.

DISCLAIMER   A quick intro to Gordon and GET STONED.
GORDON   The origin of Gordon G. Gourd
ADMIRAL   Ackbar leads the assault on a bar in upstate NY.
RYAN   Jamaica, Hedonism, lots of gange, and a phone call from home.
BIOS   The beginning.
DAHIMI   How to play a great stoner card game.

Perhaps my biggest passion-read the Manifesto at your own risk.

BASEBALL JUNKIES   My true addiction-cardboard.
MVP DEBACLE   A letter to Paul White of Baseball Weekly about the MVP balloting.
MANIFESTO   A letter to Dick Schaap of ESPN. Only for the true (maniacal?) fan.
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