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High Times

Welcome to get-stoned.com's FRIEND'S MUSIC page.

We will use this opportunity to help promote soom cool music from some of Gordon's close acquaintances.

Have no doubts, to be on this page the music must be slightly whacked and highly creative so...

Kick Back and Enjoy!


Overflower mix elements of pastoral ambience and tranquility, urgent pulse, and melody that can only be reckoned with by the ear and heart.

The power of Overflower lies in the foursome's ability to grasp onto a natural power and progression of their orchestrations, throughout the music's intensity and shimmering beauty.

The sum is greater than its parts.

Again - download mp3!
From Over The Hills - download mp3!

The Masons

The Masons are a multimedia conglomerate making pop music and films for the rest of us. An ever changing lineup adds texture and depth to infectious and earthy songs.

The Masons first release, Change Me Back, was released in October of 1999, and a follow up is currently in production.

I Stole This From You - download mp3!
The Frame - download mp3!

Check out this writeup from the Providence Phoenix

Benny Sizzler

The basement explosion known as Benny Sizzler-a viscious combination of punk and hard-rock.

Band members are: Chil Mott-vocals and bass, Gail Greenwood-guitar, Terry Linehan-guitar, Mike Fleming-drums, and Gene Severens-back up vocals. For info. check out bennysizzler.com

**Disclaimer-Gail is, always was and always will be a hardcore straight-edge (though no one else in the band is).**

Flip My Buzz - download mp3!
Sacred Crowd Pleaser - download mp3!

All music: copyright each band respectively.
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